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An O. Al-Harran Design

Without a cloud in sight, the sun shone brightly, and the air in Libya was peaceful back then. A teenager in those days, it had yet to occur to me that another one of my budding interests would blossom into a full blown passion. Nor was I aware of what that day had in store for years to come. It was a moment my family would never let me forget. It was the moment I cut my father's head off!


It must have been absent mindedness, teenaged naivete, or simply the bubbling adrenaline and excitement from holding the elegantly wrapped steel and plastic in my hands. A serenity overwhelmed me as my family drew closer together waiting for it all to be over. With my hand poised and aim precise, time slowed as the moment unfolded. Their smiles held still and arms interlocked as I tried to find the right angle. Suddenly, without warning, I cocked back the shutter without realizing what had just been done. Days had passed before being in solitary confinement discovering the error of my ways. The darkness of the room was illuminated by tinted red light from behind. As the cold chemicals waded over the hard paper revealing the top of my father's head cropped off, it was painfully obvious: I was just a novice photographer.

Years passed from the humble beginnings of fiddling with my father's classic Yashica camera. My track record for starting new projects and hobbies would be equivalent to watching a two year old picking up, admiring, then dropping any one of their toys for a shinier looking, more appealing one in the far corner. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find that photography ignited a passion within me that has lasted for the past many years. I've always been good with numbers not art. Give me an equation, I'll solve it. Give me a paint brush, a canvas, with some paints and I'm as useless as a kitten in a dog show. Needless to say, it took some painstaking effort over some years to develop my skills. I devoured copious amounts of technical training manuals, sought advice from professionals, and read my way through any magazine devoted to photography all while managing to get my Master's degree in engineering.


With those credentials, I can attest to the following statement with a high degree of certitude: photography isn't rocket science. No -- it's more than theories and figures. It's the medium through which I open my imagination, heart and soul to the world. Feel free to get in touch by clicking here.